In addition to equipment, modules, components, assembly, sub-assembly manufacturing, Mavikuzey Aviation and Machineryprovides service for sale and marketing of insulating glass machinery and also sandblasting machines.Increasing the production capacity over time, Mavikuzey has establishedan R&D department and developed its own unique designs, targeting the global market with high quality products and worldwide-accepted standards in the industries in which it operates. In addition, the company manufactures unique, sustainable, and highly competitive products on the global scale.


     For the aviation industry Mavikuzey operates in the production of all kind of metalwork applications, turning, milling, grinding, special alloy metal plate surface treatment, metal forming, TİG welding, precise tubing, tube bending and as well as design, modeling, product development,reverse-engineeringaerodynamic and structural analysis, certification and documentation servicesof various types.


     The machinery department, on the other hand, manufactures insulating glass machinery and also glass and sandblasting machines. In addition, the company implements production, sale, and support services for Glass washing and press units, butyl, hydraulic polysulfit pumps, rotating table, desiccant filling machine, freezer, spacer cutting table, in various capacities.


     Mavikuzey values the quality policy and customer satisfaction as essential components of the company vision. For this reason, the company invested inthe latest production technologies due to increasing production units. In addition, the company implements6 sigma, 5S, lean manufacturingmethods in various manufacturing process based on the 6 sigma approachand achieves on-time sales and maintenance servicesto fulfill customer needs.