• Long-lasting rigid body
  • Sandblasting unit with 4 nozzles
  • Specially designed carbide nozzle
  • User friendly control panel with big screen
  • Possibility to control all the units from single centered control panel
  • LED lightning panel inside the cabin
  • Additionally practice usage hand gun
  • Servo controlled horizontal feed rate and nozzle movement
  • Filter cleaning system with pneumatic pressure
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Radial suction fan
  • Security frame at the exit of the fan
  • Waste material reservoir after filter
  • Air cushion sealing for extra leak proofing
  • Rubber or silicon coating for the surfaces which contact with  abrasive material
  • All metal sheet units are furnace painted with electrostatic paint.



Technical Specifications MK G2000 MK G2500
Max. Glass Height 2000 mm 2500 mm
Flat Glass Ok. Ok.
Curved Glass Ok. Ok.
Max. Curve Width 90 mm 90 mm
Nozzle Quantity 4 4
Nozul Movement Control Servo Servo
Horizontal Feed Control Servo Servo
Positioning Precision (+/-) 0,2mm (+/-) 0,2mm
Digital Operator Panel 9 " 9 "
Machine Height 3065 mm 3565 mm
Machine Width 2034 mm 2034 mm
Machine Length 6537 mm 6537 mm
Total Weight 1400 Kg 1500 Kg
Voltage 400V 3 NPE AC 400V 3 NPE AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Total Power 5 kW 5 kW
Air Consumption* 3,5 m3/dk. (m3/min) 3,5 m3/dk. (m3/min)
Air Pressure 6 Bar 6 Bar
*Air consumption may vary depending on the nozzle selection.