• Usage for silicon, polysulfide (Thiokol) ve bondik silicon
  • Hydraulic system for material and dosage pump
  • Pressure resistant material filter for catalyst material
  • Adjustable mixture ratio
  • High pressure safety valve
  • Adjustable hydraulic working pressure
  • Thermostat controlled heating unit for main material
  • Reverse-back flow system for catalyst material in order to prevent solidification
  • For all conditions uninterrupted material flow with specially designed single cylinder system
  • Minimum maintenance and long useful life
  • Ergonomic structure and easy usage for the operator with specially designed homogen mixture capable cylindrical
  • All metal sheet units are furnace painted with electrostatic paint.
  • All hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls on single centered control panel 
  • High material flow rate  
  • High material usage ratio of the barrel with flat-press wheel design
  • High pressure tested material hoses
  • Optionally height adjustable pneumatic controlled rotating telescopic arm
  • Optionally freezer unit
Technical Specifications MK Polysulfide Extruder
Mixing Volume Ratio 1/5 - 1/15
Max. Working Pressure 400 Bar
Max. Hydraulic Pressure 80 Bar
Compound Temperature 25 C.
Machine Height 2220 mm
Machine Width 1700 mm
Voltage 400V 3 NPE AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Total Power 4 kW
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Noise Emission 70 dB (A)
Air Consumption 45 lt/dk (lt/min)